Brings about Great Changes for Digital Economy

It is developed to solve the pain-point problems arising from industries relevant to cross-border e-commerce.

DRV Eco-Platform

Free flow of assets, data users to the initiative, open autonomous digital assets circulation network

DRV Profile

DRV is the digital asset generated by DRV Chain system. It has a limited size of issue, and features openness, uniqueness and so on

Driving the world

Thanks to blockchain system, people are able to break through the regional limitation to have mass collaboration and create abundant products and services

DRV blockchain network

DRV blockchain network

DRV blockchain is oriented to various industries and provides industrial blockchain operating products

    ●The current cross-border e-commerce industry has many problems, including high cost, trust crisis, hard traceability, consumption restriction, potential safety hazard, poor effect and so on.

    ● Lack of a new smart contract platform. For a lack of combination with the real world, Bitcoin ecology and Ethereum ecology fails to become widely used.

    ● The existing blockchain systems are highly closed. At present, most of the smart contracts only accept data on the chain as the triggering condition, and lack the interaction with the real world.

    ● The consensus mechanism itself is not flexible enough. The requirement on consensus mechanism varies with participant.


Technical advantages

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