About Us

To become international and standardize the management, a non-profit organization, DRV Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “Foundation”), is set up. The Foundation will practice democratic and transparent governance codes. It will build up a sound management framework to promote the development, construction and development of DRV Chain network, to manage affairs related to the open-source project, and to achieve a harmonious development of the open-source community.

The Foundation is made up by the Board of Directors and the Work Group, which are in charge of administration, technology, operation, management and so on, handle daily matters and special matters and jointly keep the pace of daily operation, in order to ensure a stable development.

The Board of Directors is the supreme decision-making body of the Foundation. It consists of more than three directors, and has one chairman which is elected by the board members. The Board of Directors is in charge of various affairs of the Foundation. It functions to appoint or dismiss the ECO, make important decisions, hold an emergency meeting and so on. The following matters should be decided by disclosed ballot. Every board member has a vote. The passing of resolutions made by the Board of Directors shall require a simple majority vote of in-service board members. 

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