DRV provides an open platform for value circulation. It carries digital assets, and supports the free flow of digital assets. In the future, the digital assets on DRV Chain will cover various industries, thus to form a huge asset value network. Based on this shared database, the participants (individuals and organizations) will greatly simplify the connection process, reduce the customer acquisition cost, and improve the efficiency of asset circulation. More and more business opportunities will be created by value exchange.

The application of DRV involves a number of fields such as cross-border e-commerce, trade finance, product traceability, digital assets and so on. With a decentralized structure, it directly links up nodes concerning health ecosystem, thus to achieve a seamless connection of nodes in the ecosphere.

Cross-border E-commerce

Thanks to the powerful blockchain-based financial system of DRV Chain, a decentralized global settlement and remittance system is built up. According to the consensus mechanism of DRV Chain, users can use multiple currencies (including digital currency and legal tender) to successfully complete the settlement of cross-border e-commerce transaction. For the exchange between different currencies, DRV Chain establishes a set of algorithms, through which the market maker who offers the most favorable exchange rate will be found out. Then the market maker will receive the currencies from the paying bank and pay a required amount of currencies to the receiving bank. Here, the market maker plays the role of the above-mentioned gateway. The cross-border remittance is completed by clearing the credit and debt of both parties.

Cross-border online shopping - When users need to pay for the shopping order on the overseas e-commerce platform with foreign currency, they can make the payment directly through DRV.

Cross-border remittance - In need of transfer or remittance at home and abroad due to studying abroad, working abroad or business transaction, users can use the DRV Wallet to transfer the digital assets which can be spent or encashed locally and in real time by the receiving party. The speed and rate of transfer are remarkably superior to those of traditional service providers.

Trade Finance

In the fields of trade finance and supply-chain finance, business chains participated by a good many parties are formed naturally. With the help of DRV Chain, the separate, independent and individual centers can be integrated into a unified multicenter participated by many parties, and the links between the upstream trading and downstream trading can be smashed through, which improves the efficiency of trust transmission, reduces the cost of transaction, and drives the trade finance to develop in a sound and ecological manner. 

Product Traceability

The static (intrinsic property) and dynamic information (flow, credit and so on) of each object can be shared by manufacturing enterprises, warehousing enterprises, logistics enterprises, distributors at each level, retailers, online retailers, consumers and regulators. The DRV Chain platform effectively links up the upstream and downstream enterprises involved indirectly, while linking up the ownership and transfer relationship of the commodity supply chain. 

Digital Asset

In the digital asset issuance and circulation network, DRV Chain is used to register assets, confirm transaction, keep and check accounts, clear up accounts and so on. The DRV Chain digital asset network includes the upstream and downstream organizations such as asset issuers, asset traders, exchanges and the circulation channels, who will conduct business as their own role requires. Any asset that can be digitized can be registered and issued on the platform, and any body (individual and organization) can register and issue its own digital asset. The asset, once being registered, will be publicized, which facilitates the tracing and query and effectively reduces asset disputes. The key to asset circulation is the channel. DRV Chain technology has the asset circulation socialized instead of being controlled by a single center. Any channel with resources can become the catalyst for asset circulation to boost the circulation and improve the circulation efficiency.