Open letter from DRV operation team

Open letter from DRV operation team: dear DRV holders, everyone, since DRV is pushed to the exchange, it adopts the method of flow control trading, and the first miners and holders in Europe and America who buy mining machines are preferred to trade. The value of DRV has been well guaranteed. Thank you for your support. At the same time in April to open the Asia Pacific trading continues to take the flow control and miners first, hold the member to enter the order. Is pleased to announce that during this period, finish DRV had several exchanges of docking work, online trading in succession, the April DRV members of the Asia Pacific region has two port to choose from, fiat DRV growth cannot leave all the miners and supporters of the help, we have a lot of deficiencies need to continue efforts to improve, DRV operations team will keep a low profile of operational strategy to push project forward steadily.