DRIVER CASH has been wholly acquired by a well-known Singapore foundation and will open exclusive trading areas on its holding digital trading platfor


Recently, DRIVER CASH (DRC) project team and a well-known investment fund in Singapore have reached a full-owned acquisition cooperation. DRIVER CASH will set up exclusive trading areas on the global digital currency trading platform controlled by the Foundation, which will include BTC/DRC, ETH/DRC, EOS/DRC and other mainstream digital currency trading pairs. After the technical handover between the two sides is completed, the online time will be officially announced on our official website. Please pay attention to it.

近日, DRIVER CASH(DRC)项目团队与新加坡某知名投资基金会已达成全资收购合作。DRIVER CASH将在该基金会控股的全球数字货币交易平台上开设专属交易区,下设BTC/ DRC、ETH/ DRC、EOS/ DRC等主流数字货币交易对。双方完成技术交接后,将于本官网正式公布上线时间,敬请关注!

DRIVER CASH is a digital asset payment and settlement ecosystem with payment and settlement chain set and dual block refrigeration technology. The project is dedicated to building an ecosystem linking traditional assets and block chain assets to cross-domain payment and settlement by using block chain technology. This cooperation will provide DRIVER CASH global cross-domain payment and settlement system with appropriate application landing scenarios, and truly upgrade some traditional asset payment and settlement ecology with block chain technology.

DRIVER CASH是支付结算链集、双重区块冷藏技术的数字资产支付结算生态系统,项目致力于利用区块链技术打造一个链接传统资产和区块链资产跨领域支付结算的生态系统。此次合作将为DRIVER CASH全球跨领域支付结算系统提供合适的应用落地场景,真正的用区块链技术升级部分传统资产支付结算生态。